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Schaff Angus Valley Production Sale

February 10, 2024 • St. Anthony, North Dakota







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Schaff Angus Valley Production Sale 2024 Ranch Channel

Bull Sale Report & Results:

400 Registered Angus Bulls Average: $11,926
218 Registered Angus Females Average: $8,313

High Selling Lots
Lot 258: $220,000
Lot 139: $150,000
Lot 501: $100,000

Cattle raised in North Dakota.
Cattle raised in North Dakota.


Explore the Rich Heritage and Legacy of Schaff Angus Valley

Schaff Angus Valley, nestled in the hills east of St. Anthony, N.D., traces its roots back to 1902 when it was homesteaded. For over eight decades, since 1942, it has been a prominent name in the registered Angus industry, boasting one of North America’s longest-standing Angus herds and infusing their cattle genetics in herds worldwide. Steeped in family tradition, the Schaffs have nurtured this legacy for five generations, transforming it into a global powerhouse in seedstock nurseries. With a remarkable track record of 107 Angus production sales, Schaff Angus Valley stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of cattle breeding.

Unveiling the Legacy of SAV Angus Herd: A Testament to Seven Decades of Excellence

For over seventy years, the SAV cow herd has been meticulously curated through relentless selection practices and unwavering dedication to breeding standards, establishing the cornerstone of its remarkable success. Identified from among the elite, select cows within the SAV herd undergo rigorous enrollment in an expansive embryo transplant initiative. Each year, embryos harvested from these distinguished producers serve to amplify and concentrate their exceptional genetic traits, enabling SAV to present numerous offspring from its premier females.

With a steadfast focus on maternal attributes, udder quality, fertility, and fleshing ability spanning generations, coupled with exacting standards for performance and the utilization of proven sires, the SAV breeding program has garnered global acclaim for delivering consistently superior Angus genetics characterized by inherent predictability and quality.

Decades of Excellence: Schaff Angus Valley Pioneers in Carcass Genetics

Since the 1960s, Schaff Angus Valley has been at the forefront of gathering carcass data on their cattle, a commitment underscored by their early adoption of ultrasound technology. Through successive generations, they’ve meticulously bred cattle geared for superior muscling, feedlot value, and end-product excellence. The sale bulls, with an impressive average 365-day ribeye area of 15.1 inches, epitomize muscularity while consistently surpassing breed standards in marbling. SAV bulls are meticulously bred to enhance performance, maternal strength, phenotype, and carcass quality concurrently, reflecting a dedication to holistic genetic improvement.

Schaff Angus Valley Seedstock: Proven Performance Across Breeding Programs and Beyond

Seedstock originating from Schaff Angus Valley has garnered notable success within breeding programs, bull test stations, leading A.I. studs, and prominent cattle shows nationwide. Their true measure, however, lies in their efficacy for the commercial cowman, serving as the ultimate litmus test for any breeding program. At Schaff Angus Valley, comprehensive customer support and service ensure customer satisfaction and pave the way for enduring success in every endeavor.

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