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RBM Livestock Production Sale

March 10th, 2024 • 1pm CST • Florence, South Dakota













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RBM Livestock Production Sale 2024 Ranch Channel


85 Yearling Angus Bulls
25 Yearling Charolais Bulls
5 Yearling Hereford Bulls
1 Yearling Red Angus Bull
100 Commercial Open Heifers

Angus, Charolais, Hereford & Red Angus Bulls and Females raised in South Dakota.
Angus, Charolais, Hereford & Red Angus bulls and Females raised in South Dakota.



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RBM Livestock has taken the auction market demand seriously, and in turn developed seedstock cattle that meet it.  As a result, RBM Livestock’s primary objective is to raise seed stock tailored to the requirements of local commercial producers. These objectives are taken seriously: prioritizing calving ease, longevity, robust growth, efficiency, and overall excellence in cattle performance. We firmly advocate for every breeder to see through the finishing of some of their cattle, including those from their bull customers. This commitment circles back to our overarching goal of delivering a product that offers predictability from calving ease to the final product.


Every day, new technology emerges, and here at RBM Livestock, we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. We utilize AHIR, ultrasound data, age and source verification, and DNA information to enhance our operations. Each fall, we devote numerous days to attending auction markets, procuring RBM genetics from our bull buying customers, and assisting in adding value by supplying them to producers seeking high-quality cattle. Our greatest satisfaction comes when the purchaser of these cattle reaches out to us again the following year, expressing their desire for our cattle because they outperformed everything else they owned. This not only adds value to our customers’ calves but also reinforces our commitment to excellence.


This operation started with two brothers (Maurice and Phil) operating as Bergh Bros. Each brother had a son – Mike & Larry. This operation was diversified… raising crops, cattle and hogs. The registered Angus started as Mike and Larry each purchased a bred heifer at the SD Angus State Sale held in Watertown, SD in 1959. These two heifers came from the Clifford Bush & Sons and Kent Baird herds. Each year several bred heifers were purchased from Bon View Angus, Shady Lane (Gaugers), Fox Angus and other breeders. The bulls that these heifers raised were used in the commercial herd of Bergh Bros. The calves were fed out and sold as fat cattle. As time went on, the registered cows took the place of the commercial herd. An aged bull by the name of MB Black Bardoleir 10 was purchased. This bull proved to be the beginning of the seed stock business. A semen interest was sold to Fox Angus and semen was sold to Jim Baldridge, Gaugers and other breeders.

In 1981, Maurice and Phil (Bergh Bros.) decided that it was time for them to retire; therefore, a dispersion sale was held with the exception of the bred heifers. Each brother kept half – Mike eventually took Maurice’s interest. Phil kept doing business as Bergh Bros. It became apparent that a new name was needed for Mike, Barb and Ryan’s cow herd. The idea came up of using each of our first initials – thus – RBM Livestock was started.

RBM Livestock has grown from the original 25 bred heifers in 1981 to 300 plus mother cows in 2010, as well as, back grounding and finishing cattle. In 2006, a small group of registered Charolais cows were added to RBM. With Mike being involved with the local auction market, it became very apparent that RBM needed to raise the kind of seed stock that would be in demand at the auction markets. That became RBM’s goal – to raise seed stock for the needs of the commercial producers in this area. Those goals have not changed – calving ease, long, growthy, efficient good doing cattle. We strongly believe that every breeder should finish out some of their cattle, as well as, some of their bull customers calves. This brings us back to our goal of producing a product that is predictable from calving ease to the end product.

Each day new technology comes and we here at RBM strive to keep pace with these advancements. As mentioned earlier, we utilize a range of tools from AHIR, ultra sound data, age and source to DNA information. Each fall we spend a lot of days at the auction markets purchasing RBM genetics from our bull buying customers and helping add value by sending them to producers who want cattle. The biggest reward for us is when the buyer of these cattle calls us back and wants your cattle again next year because they out did everything else he owned. That adds value to our customer’s calves.

RBM Livestock is still a family operation today with Mike & Barb, Ryan & Kim and their three sons – Tate, Trevor & Ty.


Location: At The Ranch – Florence, South Dakota (25 miles NW of Watertown, SD)

Time: 1:00pm CST

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