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MRNAK Hereford Ranch

Production Bull Sale

February 11, 2024 • 1pm MST • North Dakota











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Mrnak Herefords Production Sale 2024 Ranch Channel

Production / Bull Sale Report & Results:

92 Two Year Old Bulls Averaged $7,691

8 Fall Bulls Averaged $6,313

7 Registered Bred Heifers $15,143

190 Commercial F1 Open Heifers Averaged $1,962

High Selling Lot: $30,000

Hereford Bulls raised in North Dakota.
Hereford Bulls raised in North Dakota.



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Mrnak Hereford Ranch Seedstock Philosophy

At Mrnak Hereford Ranch, our mission revolves around cultivating top-tier seedstock cattle designed to meet the needs of our customers. We prioritize excellence in genetics to yield offspring that exemplify from birth vitality, feed efficiency in converting grass to high weaning weights, all while exhibiting a phenotype herd that one can take pride.


We firmly believe that maintaining a problem free cow herd is the key to achieving this goal. Mrnak Hereford Ranch cows undergo constant evaluation for efficiency, sound feet and legs, and udders that require no assistance. We are dedicated to the Hereford Breed and committed to maintaining a cow herd capable of producing sound, functional, and uniform offspring.

This group of bulls, in our opinion, are as solid from top to bottom as we have ever offered. Once again, these bulls have been raised slowly as yearlings and developed throughout the summer on grass. Regular culling occurs multiple times a year based on structure, disposition, performance, and phenotype.

In recent breeding seasons, we have strategically selected top-end yearling bulls for natural service, anticipating the production of replacement females and cutting-edge performance-driven genetics for robust, sturdy bulls. We believe that utilizing bulls raised within our own program truly builds a cohesive and successful breeding “Program.”

Mrnak Hereford Ranch History

In 1906, Jim Mrnak’s grandfather, Vincent, homesteaded the present Mrnak Hereford Ranch. They came from the East with the usual homesteader belongings and a few head of livestock. In 1944, Jim’s father, Wencil, bought him a few registered Hereford heifers. This was the foundation and beginning of the Mrnak Hereford Ranch. Since 1968, the entire cowherd has been of recorded seedstock.

Since its inception, the ranch has seen many changes in the cattle industry, from the small, compact cattle, to the large-framed cattle and everything in between. It has always been our program to stay with the moderate framed cattle with thickness, muscling and natural fleshing ability. We strongly believe that a highly fertile, functional and sound cowherd is a must in the Hereford industry.

In 1968, Mrnak Ranch Hereford had our first production sale on the ranch selling 50 bulls. Over the years, our bulls have sold all over the United States. In earlier sales we sold strictly bulls, but in recent years the demand for Hereford heifers has convinced us to open up our market of heifers in our annual sale. This has allowed some great junior showman an opportunity to compete in the show ring with some of our best heifers.
Herefords Raised in the Northern Tier of the United States.

We are thrilled once again to extend a warm welcome to you to the Mrnak Ranch 57th Annual Production Sale. Reflecting on the past year, this winter has brought a refreshing change from the challenges of the previous one. Fortunately, we’ve experienced a mild winter, requiring fewer inputs for our cows still foraging and resulting in increased gains in the feedlot. In stark contrast to the winter of 2023, where we used over 300 bales of bedding for sale bulls and replacement cattle around the yard, our bedding stacks remain untouched as of January 1st.

Residing in the northern tier of the country, we understand the significance of timely rains to produce sufficient grass and crops to sustain our cowherd. This last year blessed the Mrnak Ranch with just that — enough rain to keep the grass green, the hay crop thriving, and one of the best overall harvests in recent memory. As producers, it’s exciting to witness top-end cattle markets reaching near-record highs. Knowing that there is a robust demand for the beef we raise is a great incentive and motivation for us to continue producing the best possible product.

Thank you for considering our offerings, and we look forward to your participation in our 57th Annual Production Sale held at the Bowman Auction Market. Watch and Online Bidding Available by DV Auction.

Mrnak Hereford Ranch

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