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Montgomery Ranch Production Sale

April 8 • 1pm CST • North Dakota











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-30 Angus Yearling Bulls
-10 Registered Replacement Heifers
-20 Commercial Replacement Heifers

Angus cattle raised in North Dakota.
Angus cattle raised in North Dakota.



Sale Location

We invite you to join us at our 11th annual “Performance with Style” bull sale. We appreciate you taking the time to check out our offering. Despite what seems to be a never-ending winter that started back in November and continues as we write this, the bulls have fed very well this winter and this is the heaviest, best developed set we have offered to date.

We often find ourselves asking why we do this, and this winter has brought those questions out more often than normal. It seems like a never-ending loop of moving snow, doing chores, and checking cows. While it certainly has its challenges, there are certainly days when it brings a smile to your face and presenting a set of bulls that have made through all the sorts, look good, and have grown well is certainly one of those days.

Around here we have discussed a few times just how much tougher this had to have been for those who did chores with smaller equipment than we have now that may or may not have had a cab to keep warm in, and how thankful we are that we have those amenities!

Hopefully by the time the sale rolls around winter is winding down, and we invite you all to join us and have some good food and fellowship on Sale Day.

Whether you have purchased cattle from us in the past or have never considered us as a seed stock source for your cowherd, we invite you to attend our annual bull sale, visit with us, look at our cattle, and decide for yourselves if what we have to offer could work in your operation.

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