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Cranview Gelbvieh
Production Sale

March 25 • 1pm CDT • North Dakota











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Cranview Gelbvieh Catalog 2023


-44 Purebred Gelbvieh, Balancer® and Angus Bulls
-36 Purebred Gelbvieh and Balancer® Open Heifers

Preserving the Gelbvieh legacy since 1992.
Preserving the Gelbvieh legacy since 1992.



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Cranview Gelbvieh started in 1992 with eight registered Gelbvieh cows; four were provided by John Fallon and four came from Leachman Cattle Company in Billings, Montana. Today we maintain a 150-head registered herd of mostly Gelbvieh Balancer females, as well as a few Angus females. These females are all polled and are used to produce both Purebred & Balancer Genetics.

We originally chose this great breed of cattle because of their proven performance and calm disposition. Economic traits are the driving force behind our breeding decisions, but eye appeal and structure are very important attributes that we do not overlook. 

Our search for superior genetics is an endless journey, and we strive to breed cattle that will be industry relevant for years to come. Our Gelbvieh cattle program may be one of the most aggressive embryo programs in the U.S. Since 2006, we have used recipient herds to produce approximately 100 embryo calves. Many of our first embryos or matings were purchased from other breeders, including J-Bob Farms in North Carolina, which is now owned by C-Cross Cattle Company. We have also worked with our good friend Todd Bickett at TJB Gelbvieh, as well as Eagle Pass Ranch. Additionally, we have purchased a number of females from other breeders over the years, including a high-performing beautiful Black Opal from John Beastrom’s dispersion sale. We have flushed this female several different times, and she has left a long legacy of high-quality replacement females in our herd. Today, most of our replacement females originate from our ET program.

Cranview Gelbvieh is owned and operated by the families of Rob & Holly and Bill & Tina. Our breeding program revolves around Maternal Excellence and Industry Relevance, with a keen focus on performance. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction …we all need each other to be successful in this business!  

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