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Bichler Simmentals Production Sale

November 20 • 1pm CST • North Dakota











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Bichler Simmentals Catalog 2023


-63 Bulls
-45 Bred Heifers
-7 Embryo Lots
-2 Proven Donors

Simmental bulls
and bred
heifers raised in North Dakota.
Simmental bulls and bred heifers raised in North Dakota.




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Bichler Simmentals is owned and operated by Doug and Maria Bichler, representing the third generation to farm the land and live on the homestead. Since the farm’s inception in 1920, we have strived to care for the land and our animals to the best of our ability. And, in 2023, that core value has never wavered.

Our program has grown significantly in the past 18 years. Since we began our production sale in 2005, we have been able to not only increase the number of bulls and females we offer but also create more genetic and phenotypic consistent cattle. We use A.I. and embryo transfer extensively to ensure we are propagating our best genetics. The ranch is located in south central North Dakota and consists of 250 mother cows which are comprised of both registered and commercial females. The commercial females are utilized in our ET program.

In 2020, we changed our program out of necessity. Between harsh calving seasons, limited labor, cow/calf health, and our mental and physical well-being, we needed to do something different. Our solution has been to calve in May and June and offer bulls and bred heifers for sale each November. We have witnessed a tremendous difference in the health of our cowherd and calf crop due to calving in warmer temperatures and on grass.

We realize this is unconventional when compared to most of the operations in the region. However, we have noticed there are benefits to this management system. We no longer creep feed our calves. We can grow them out with less energy. As a result, the foot quality on the entire offering is exceptional. That is due in part to genetics but also the way they are developed.

We are able to spend more time with the bulls. They spend the summer on pasture at home, and so we go through them every day to offer cake and observe them. We can cull heavier based upon disposition, structure and performance. We have the time and capability to ensure what we are selling is a quality product.

A testament to the health of our bred heifers is the fact we were able to successfully breed them for March 2024 calves. Realize the meaning of this feat when these heifers were born in May and June of 2022.

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